Food of Life

Life Food

So I would like to start off saying, Happy Mother’s Day!! To all you mom’s out there and dad’s who play that role too! I know us kids are a lot of work sometimes, but just know that each and everyone of you are appreciated! There is a bit of my own mother’s day tribute down here at the bottom so read if you like.

Now I would like to tell you I got a new Sponsor!! Buglets! Sooo excited! My first blog as part of this team is this donut outfit and I am in love! This little outfit is in a Gacha at the Playroom!! It is called TD Lil Donut Princess and that tricky little gacha box has all the pieces! (Binky, Bracelet, Dress, Earrings, Hair bow, Necklace ring, Sandals, Shorts, and the RARE Donut pouf that has * poses included.

Not much to add to this wonderful outfit but the hair is the dipped version of ploom hair Vanelope.

The ears are from Cute Bytes and they are the Naked Baby Elven Ears. Comes with color change hud and can be resized.

Food of Life**And here are the regulars from me**
Head – KiKiKi – Cute Bytes
Body – Baby Girl – Cute Bytes
Skin – Pretty Pixie in Tan – Bad Seed
eyes – Promise eyes in Passion – Ikon

Also, I final word to my Mother and Grandmother. (I put it down here so you all don’t have to read it if you don’t want to.) I love you both very very much, you have been strong inspiring role models and I appreciate the both of you. Things happen and sometimes you find out that you have someone in your boat drilling holes, but believe me, that I will be there with my fingers and toes to plug the holes. I will always be there for both of you as I know that you are for me. Don’t ever forget the strength, love and the strong bond that this family has. We fought for this, we struggled but we remain a strong unit as one. I couldn’t have asked for two better, I am so lucky to have you both.



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