Don’t Eat Me!!

Dont Eat me!!

I know I look pretty tasty with this watermelon dress on, in fact i mighta tried to eat it myself! Although the pacifier might be flavored or that might be my imagination. haha. Either way, I look good enough to eat, but lets just eat the actual watermelon!

Watermelon outfit comes from Glitter Junkie! i always love how she sticks the bandaids on to cover my boo boos! Cause mom knows how much i get into! also comes with Dress, shoes, and pacifier!

My hair is Sweetpea in brunettes from Olive! This is at The Arcade right now! There is also a fat pack hiding in there so try your luck! If you havnt noticed I am kinda stuck on this hair.. lol

**And here are the regulars from me**
Head – KiKiKi – Cute Bytes
Body – Baby Girl – Cute Bytes
Skin – Pretty Pixie in Tan – Bad Seed
eyes – Promise eyes in Turquoise – Ikon

This pose is called Summer Watermelon from Fashiowl and is coming to Fit For a Princess June 12th! This is the 4th pose of 4 and each you just wear the watermelon! These are originally for bigger avatars.


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