Not Sorry!!!

Not Sorry

SOOOOO I mighta flooded the house on purpose or maybe it was an accident. Either way I did it and I am not sorry!! I like to get in trouble, it keeps life interesting!

LIl Cathys has brought out something that we all need! I didn’t/I did is priceless! My mom is gonna say this is the best fit ever!
This outfit comes with shirt, jeggins, cap, and sunglasses!

Hair is Daisy from D!va! This hair has bun options and has little star hair peice, but comes with resize and alpha option so it is really cute to wear with or without hats!

**And here are the regulars from me**
Head – KiKiKi – Cute Bytes
Body – Baby Girl – Cute Bytes
Skin – Pretty Pixie in Tan – Bad Seed
eyes – Promise eyes in turquoise – Ikon

This pose is Standstill – Holly #1


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