Twirling Around

spinning around

Just sitting at home twirling around in the playroom waiting for Daddy to come home. This is kinda fun, but I think I will make daddy watch cartoons all day with me! That will be more fun! Oh and take pictures cause I dressed like his little girl today!! *Watches the Clock…*

This outfit is from Lil Cathys and is called Heno outfit! This comes in three different versions. This is version three and comes with top, pants, shoes, and bracelet. Adorable!

My hair is from Lyrical and it is called Delusional Sunset hair! This is bang type 2 as well! These items do come separately!.

Skin and Eyes are from a 50L special at Glitter Junkie! This is called Sophie in creamy. This special also comes with a little princess outfit shown in previous blog.

My ears are from Mandala and are called the steking ears_Season 5. I am wearing the elf version.

Both my head and body come from Cute Bytes! This is the KiKiKi mesh head and the Baby Girl body!

.click. Playful #4


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