At the Playground


Having a great time outside today on my new playground! This is the best thing ever!! I am having so much fun on the slides and hanging out in the tunnel! I made a picture in there on the tube that says “Jacee’s place” but you will have to come over and play to see!!
This outfit is from Lil Cathys and is called Belle Outfit! This comes in six different top versions! This is number two and it comes with jeans and sandals.
This hair is from Wasabi Pills and is called Sugar Rush. I am wearing the Rye version.
My skin is from Bad Seed and is pretty Pixie in Tan, this is the mesh head version. She is currently redoing the store, so be patient, it is looking beautiful!
My head and body is from Cute Bytes! This is the KiKiKi head and the Babygirl version of the body!! The Kikiki head comes with different expressions and is very cute!
This is the amazing new playground from Muddpuddles!! This is called Playground Seaside and is adorable! There are 17 animations for each child and it seats 4!! So you and your friends can have an amazing time!! You can all pose down the slide or hang out together in the tunnel, either way and any way you will have sooo much fun!!



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