Cupy Cake Sales

Cup Cake Sales

Anyone got a sweet tooth? I have cup cakes for sale for 25 cents!! I had a little accident with one batch, but they are still good! Ok ok, they were on the ground 15 cents for the ones with dirt in them! They are still yummy I ate some of the frosting.
Play Room August Round!!
This is a new outfit from MuddPuddles. This is the Jojo outfit in Cuppy Cakes with straps. This can be worn with out without the straps. This has a few versions; cuppy cake, sky, Sunflower, and sunshine (with or  without straps). All of which are very very cute!!
My shoes are called Romi Sandals and are also from MuddPuddles. Comes with hud to change colors, 10 choices!! Love these, so cute!
My hair is from *BABY* and is called Kate. This is the cutest little long pony tail for Toddleedoo’s. This comes in all the colors you need. This is part of the browns pack, but there are plenty other colors! Go get it, it is beautiful!
In my hands and on the floor are the Let Them eat cupcakes from Tic Tot Toe! These were at a past event, but are soo tasty and cute that I had to hang on to them!
My head and body are from Cute Bytes. This is the KiKiKi head and the Baby girl body.
My skin is from Bad Seed and is called Pretty Pixie in Tan.
Cup Cake Sales1
This Cupcakes for Sale stand is from Little Llama and will be at The Play Room opening August 5th!! There are 8 commons and 2 RARES. The rares are to sell your siblings and have a small box in front with a sit pose! Have fun with this one!!
My pose where I an hold the Tic Tot Toe cup cakes is from TSH (The Secret Hideout) and is called Shrug Static Pose.
Pose infront of the stand is –No wow– wild thing #2.

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