Professional Dreamer

Professional Dreamer

Do you dream in your sleep? Do you like to go fast and feel the wind in your hair? Well I have the bed for you dream inspiration then! This is soo cute! I will be dreaming at top speeds tonight!! Can you catch up? Or maybe you are there already and I have to catch you!! I will don’t worry I am a professional dreamer after all.

This is the Cece outfit from Lil Cathy’s. This has three versions and I am wearing version three. Comes with sandals, top, sunglasses, jeans and a bracelet! You do not even have to think about accessories this time girls!! Get down there today and snag you this adorable outfit!

I am also wearing .Ploom. hair called Vanellope. This is the dipped version!

My head and body are both from Cute Bytes! This is the Babygirl toddleedoo body and the KIKIKI head. I am actually doing the laugh facial animation in this picture!!

My skin is from Bad Seed. This is called pretty pixie in Tan!

Professional Dreamer1

This amazing bedroom set is from MuddPuddles!! MuddPuddles has seriously done it again with this little Toddleedoo set. The Racer Bedroom comes with bean chair, bed, Billboard, Cone, Drapes, Dresser, Lights, Lockers, Rug, Tire Stack, Toy Shelf.

This is a color changeable set!! The bed, drapes, Lockers, and Toy shelf all come with a color change hud with 10 colors! The Toy Shelf has 2 different options for the drawers which is prettyyy handy. The Lockers come is both the version showed here and a plain version without add ons. The bed has lots and lots of animations; 6 sits, 3 sleeps, 4 stands (rail is my favorite), 4 playtimes, 6 parent time animations, and 4 friend animations!! Loaded with greatness!
Speaking of greatness the fun doesn’t end there!! The Tire Stack has 3 animations of its own! The bean chair has 16 animations! You can play on the rug as well with 4 animations!! Have fun! Play safe and dooo not race your bed!!

~TSH~ Shrug  Static Pose


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