How We Roll

How We Roll

What kind of parents let you stay up late watching movies with them and will slide down the stairs with you?! Ok…good point we are missing our helmets…but the garage is soo farr!! We have a great time as a family, it is a blast having the most amazing little girl in the world. 😀

My top is from Addams and is actually on of the group gifts right now. This is the TankTop Tucked with Hud. The hud allows you to change the top to any solid color.

My shorts are from Blueberry and are the Ripped Denim Shorts in Ice. These come in lots of sizes and some mesh compatible bodies. This is the Maitreya version.

My shoes are FLite Lowtop Ducks in white.

My hair is from .:EMO-tions:. and is called JONA.

I am also wearing a custom shape with the Maitreya mesh Body Lara.

Riley’s hair is Shimmer from Magika.

Her pants are from Enchanted Bowtique and is in the Juliet outfit.

She is also wearing the rare Born to SPARKLE top from That’s so {Kyoot} at The Play Room.

Chance and I are on Skateboard Buddies from Something New. This comes with the Skateboard.. not the stairs! haha This is part of the Around the Grid Hunt! Go get it!

Riley is Sliding down the stairs on a pose from Romeo’s Gallery called Laundry Slide A. This comes with a basket that I made invisible.


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