Off To School

Off to School

I know I am not the only one that is excited for this time of year. School starting again and then the next thing you know, we will be trick or treating. So as we are all jumping into school again and getting all the latest cute things down to our pencils! Better stop by Hello Beautiful today and check it out!

I am wearing an outfit from Lil Cathys called Lacey. This has four different shirt options and comes with a bracelet, crown, shorts. and shoes! So cute!

My hair is HANA from *BABY. This comes in the size for TD baby and comes in another version!

My Skin is from Bad Seed and is called Pretty Pixie in Tan.

My head and body are from Cute Bytes. My head is called KIKIKI and my body is the babygirl toddleedoo version.

Riley is wearing the Spotted Cutie in Teal from Tiptoes.

Her hair is from Magika and is called sweet.

Our backpacks are from *BABY* and are called Kawaii Doll backpack. These are at the current round of Hello Beautiful. These come with a color change hud as well so you can change the colors of different peices or turn the lace on and off! Perfect for going back to classes!

We were both using the same pose from Click called Playful #4. We used both the regular version and the mirrored version.


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