Sleep Pirates

Sleep Pirates1

So who wants to go to bed? Not this pirate!! When you never have to grow up why would you want to sleep? There is so much to imagine, so much to see! Tonight I want to dream of open windows and fairy dust, or maybe  a rabbit hole to go down, but either way I am going to discover a new world tonight. A child’s imagination is a beautiful place!
This little outfit is from Little Cathys and is the Onepeice Floral version 4. This comes in five different versions, each one beautiful.
My hair is from /Wasabi Pills/ and is called Sugar Rush in rye.
My skin is called Pretty Pixie in tan from Bad Seed.
My head and body are from Cute Bytes. My head is called KIKIKI and my body is the toddleedoo babygirl version.
Sleep Pirates
Muddpuddles is responsible for the Alice themed furniture in this post. The Alice Bed & table are a new release! They also include a hud so that the pink part of the bed can change colors! Adorable.
The wall plates, hater table, and hater chair are all part of the Alice Tea Party set. This is also from Muddpuddles! This is a pretty amazing set that includes much more!
As far as pirate themes, Tic Tot Toe has nailed it! The only thing I want to do now is open the window and fly off to Never Never Land. Well if you love Tic Tot Toe as much as I do, You can hit the store name and head to Never Never land now.
The Pirate Gear and big Pirate chest are at the Kid to Kid event which is themed… PIRATES!! Pirate Gear includes; Hate, eyepatch, and sword!!
Then we have the small pirate chest. These come in both animated and rez versions. There are 10 RARES and 16 COMMONS!! These are at Fairytale Forever right now at 35L a play from Tic Tot Toe!!
Exposeur – Feb 15 #5

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