Sea Friends

Sea Friends

Soooo me and Hippo had a pretty great day today! We found another friend at sea! A Kracken!! It is very friendly and has been hugging my arm all day! I shouldn’t worry if my arm is starting to turn purple right?

ToddleTeeZ made a pretty perfect summertime creation with the Animated Visors at Hello Beautiful for the June round!! With lots and LOTS of great ones! Plus a personalized RARE!! Go to the pool in style with these animated greatness. I am wearing the Sandy Toes version!

Bubble Pipe is a new creation from Tikkels!! Tikkels is also bringing these to the shelves at the current round of Hello Beautiful!! These make bubble noises while you walk and make little bubbles while you are just standing there! I love this! I admit… I wore it all day!

Frill Kini is from Tailored Tot! It is decorated with little anchors all over it!

Hair is Isa from Ploom.

**And here are the regulars from me**
Head – KiKiKi – Cute Bytes
Body – Baby Girl – Cute Bytes
Skin – Pretty Pixie in Tan – Bad Seed
eyes – Promise eyes in Passion – Ikon

Pygmy Hippo 11 from MishMish is currently at The Arcade! This has three color options and has the ability to turn on and off the spin. Many more to collect at The Arcade!!

Snips & Snails brings Fishy Swim Board to the Summer Splash gacha machine at The Arcade!! Many wonderful  things to be had in that machine!!