I am with you..

In these moments of lost in torment
When the vast skies don’t seem to call to you
When the weight of this world press down
And the stars have fallen like tears
I am with you always
From the darkness tonight to the morning
I am with you always
From the life until death takes me
They say “we all have our dark days.” They don’t say however that that day is not 24 hours, it’s days and weeks, sometimes it’s months even years. It’s hard to get past those dark days, when you are at your worst and you feel alone. Sometimes all you need is one person to say, “I am here” or just sit there with you in silence, so your not a lone, but you don’t have to act, you don’t have to pretend. That someone is just sitting there patiently and letting you know, when you are ready they are there. So if you are reading this and you need someone to talk to, I am here. (Trinity Catnap)
Headpiece: 1.::GB::Head cross chain (F) / Black_silver RARE @Whimsical
Hair: DOUX – Amamda hairstyle [Naturals]
Head: 02 Genesis_Head_SOFIE Bento RARE
Eyes and bloody tears: 02 HUD_Genesis_Lab_Eyes_TERRIBLE_CREATURE RARE
                                  01 HUD_Genesis_Lab_Eyeshadows_BLOODY_TEARS
Tattoo: Path – Black Tattoo [CAROL G]
Necklace: 5.::GB::Cross Necklace (F) / Black @Whimsical

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